6 Useful Ways To Use White Eyeliner in Your Beauty Routines

6 Useful Ways To Use White Eyeliner in Your Beauty Routines

I was using my white eyeliner for one of the below mentioned tricks when I realised how many different ways white eyeliner can be used and how handy this little tool really is in my life!  So I thought I would share them with you below.Smile


1) It can be used to trace the preferred shape around your eyebrows when shaping them to prevent from over plucking/tweezing.

  • To do this use the white liner to make a mark where the beginning of your brow should be, where your arch should be, and where your brow should end. Do this on the top and bottom of your brows, then connect the dots so you have an outline of the ideal shape of your brow.  Then only pluck on and outside of that line. Click on the picture below for more detailed instructions on how to do this.  I recently grew in my eyebrows after accidentally over plucking them (terrible mistake!), then I got them done professionally and this is what I do now to maintain them so I don’t make that mistake again!

DSCN3896 tile Tutorial For Perfect Eyebrows

2) It can be used in the inner corner of your eyes instead of eye shadow to quickly and simply brighten your eyes and create a more wide eyed look. You can do this by drawing a sideways ‘V’ on the inner corner of the eye then smudging/blending it.


3) It can be used on the inner waterline to create the illusion of bigger eyes.


4)  It can be used under the brows to highlight your brow bone.  You can do this by swiping it directly underneath the brow then smudging it along the brow bone.


5) Hide a red blemish by applying white eyeliner to it first, then covering it with concealer.  The white will counteract the red of the blemish to create perfect coverage.

6) Nails undone and don’t have time to paint them? Use white eyeliner under the the tip of the nail to make them look neater and/or create the illusion of a French manicure!


  To do this; first clean under the tips of you nails, then use the white eyeliner to colour under the tips of the nails (a water proof eyeliner will work best for this trick). You will end up with some white residue on your finger tips so dip a cotton swab in make up remover to clean it off. Finally, use a buffer on the top of your nail to give it a shine. Tip: Make sure you clean the eyeliner well before you use it on your eye again!

Those are some of the ways I put my white eyeliner to use … I actually never really thought about how much I use it until now!


Are there any other ways you use white eyeliner? Do you use it for any of these tricks? Do you think you will be be using it for any of these tricks?  Please share in the comments below so we can all be inspiredSmile


Hope you guys liked this post!Smile


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