My 8 Summer Makeup Must Haves!

My 8 Summer Makeup Must Haves!


During the hot and sweaty days of summer most of us want nice glowing skin without heavy looking makeup and of course makeup that lasts … because heat, sweat and humidity are usually not very makeup friendly!  Also fun brighter colours that work with our skin tone are usually more welcomed during the summer than the more toned down dark colours that we wear during the colder months. Oh and don’t forget, SPF! … Very important! Since Summer is well on it’s way here in Cape Town and South Africa, I thought I would share my 8 summer makeup ‘must haves’ that I find help to easily achieve the perfect summer glow that lasts, protects and looks pretty!Smile




1) A Good BB Cream The last thing that you want during a hot and sweaty summer day is heavy layers of makeup covering your skin and your pores … BB creams offer coverage and smooth complexions with much more light weight options than foundations do.  Also because they are more sheer than foundations you won’t end up looking like you have a thick layer of product on your face which usually ends up detracting from your natural glow.  Furthermore, since most BB creams work as primers too, they have the added benefit of helping to make any other makeup you put on your face last longer which is needed in the summer when sweat and humidity can often ‘erase’ yor makeup … And if you normally use a separate primer, that’s one less layer of makeup you’ll need to put on!  Last but definitely not least, since they usually include a high level of SPF, you won’t have to worry about applying a separate sunscreen to your face as well! My current favourite is this Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream with a built SPF 35.

2) A Perfect Concealer Since you will be using a more sheer coverage on your face, you will need a concealer that blends into your skin perfectly to spot correct any imperfections like under eye circles and/or any red marks that you might have.  Along with the BB cream, this will create the look of smooth, flawless skin without having to wear a full layer of foundation. My favourite concealer for as long as I can remember is MAC Select Cover Up in NC30.  I love these MAC concealers because they have a creamy finish that doesn’t look dry or ‘cakey’. Also, they come in so many different shades that most people can find a colour that blends into their skin perfectly!

3) A Bronzer A great bronzer is the perfect way to fake a ‘glowy’ sun-kissed tanned complexion without the fuss of using self tanners and the dangers of actually tanning. I currently switch between the Elizabeth Arden one that I use in this contouring tutorial and a MAC Bronzing Powder in Refined Golden that I recently started using.

4) A Blush In a Coral Tone  I believe that every girl should own at least one perfect pink blush that suites your skin tone and one perfect coral blush that suites your skin tone.  While pink blush is great in the winter months and for evening looks, a coral blush compliments bronzer perfectly to create that glowing bronzed goddess look that is perfect for summer days!Smile My current favourite is this Stila Custom Color Blush in Coral

5) A Cream Highlighter A cream highlighter applied along the top of the cheekbone and on the brow bone is the perfect way to give your skin that dewy summer finish and instantly brighten your complexion.  I currently use Benefit Sunbeam by dotting it along the top of my cheekbone and along my brow bone just under my eyebrows, then blending it in.  You can see exactly where on my cheekbone I generally apply highlighter in my contouring tutorial.



6) Bright Coloured Lipsticks – Bright pink and coral lip colours are a hot trend that is perfect for summer! They work perfectly with makeup that is low key to instantly add glam without making you look overdressed or like you are wearing too much makeup. Again the key here is finding the perfect shade that works for you … Any girl can find both of the above mentioned colours in shades that would compliment your skin tone perfectly.  I have currently been using these Yardley Supermoist Lipsticks which I love because they also moisturize and provide SPF! … How much more perfect for summer can they get?!

7) Tinted Lip Balms with SPF – For those days when you don’t care to be dolled up but still want to look pretty, a tinted lip balm with SPF is perfect because it adds a hint of colour without looking overdone while providing sun protection all in one step! My current favourites are Labello Fruity Shine lip balm in Strawberry which has an SPF of 10 and MAC Fuschia Fix Tinted Lip Conditioner which has an SPF of 15.



8) Turquoise Eyeliner and/or Eyeshadow – Wearing Turquoise and aqua blue around the eyes is a hot summer trend for Spring/Summer 2013, so this summer having at least one pretty aqua blues eyeliner and/or eye shadow is a makeup must have! The colours work surprisingly well for day or night depending how you wear it.  I love the aqua shade in this Almay Intense I-Color Shadow Stick … You can see how I wear it here.




Hope you liked this post!Smile



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  • Deslé

    Great list. Love the coral blush and the bright lipsticks;-)

    • Safiya Bhabha

      Thanks Desle!!:) I’m glad you like it!!:) Xo!

  • Fiona Rossiter

    I am so dying to try the Smashbox Camera Ready – sounds amazing! Love the lipstick colours – could you recommend a red lipstick – one that doesn’t stain too much or is there no such thing! I tend to react to many lipsticks & use mainly Maybeline which seems to be fine. 🙂

    • Safiya Bhabha

      Thanks!:) I’m sure you’ll be happy with the Smashbox BB … I really am!:) As for a red lip colour, I currently use an Estee Lauder one in ‘Classic Red’ and I don’t seem to have any problems with it staining or anything .. I’ve been using it for a while now though so if the Maybeline one is good I might have to give it a try for the sake of trying something new!:) … I haven’t had problems with the Yardley ones staining either, even though these colours are pretty rich.