Benefit Cosmetics is Sadly Leaving South Africa … But will still be Available to us! :)

Benefit Cosmetics is Sadly Leaving South Africa … But will still be Available to us! :)

If you are a Benefit Cosmetics fan who lives in South Africa I’m sure you are aware by now that Benefit Cosmetics is leaving Woolworths and South Africa (So Sad!).Sad smile And for those of you who didn’t know …  I am truly sorry for breaking this very disappointing news to you!   I’m not quite sure why they are leaving but it is true and most people are highly puzzled by this decision.  However before you shoot the messenger, I have two pieces of good news to shine some light at the end of this tunnel, which I will share with you hereSmile


The first piece of good news is that Woolworths has a lot of Benefit Cosmetics products on sale and more products will continue to go on sale until Benefit makes it’s exit! So we can stock up on our favourites while quantities last!Smile Below are some of the products currently on sale are that I would like to stock up on!


Bella Bamba 3D Blusher – Was R280, now R195! … I haven’t tried this one yet but I want to, so definitely going to take advantage of the price drop!


Benefit Cha Cha Tint Lip and Cheek Stain in Mango – Was R315.00, now R220.00! I love multifunctional beauty products and this colour is perfect for Spring which will be approaching us soon!Smile


Benefit Finding Mr. Bright Makeup Set – Was R375.00, now R260.00! Simply great value! … This set has some awesome products, including: Girl meets Pearl liquid pearl for face, Posy Tint poppy-pink tinted lip and cheek stain, Highbeam luminescent complexion enhancer and Erase Paste brightening camouflage for eyes and face … what more can a girl ask for!

The second piece of good news is that even though Benefit Cosmetics is officially leaving South Africa, it doesn’t mean that their products won’t still be available to us!Smile Yup that’s right… it’s true … so to all of you Benefit Cosmetic fans who were in panic mode because you have one or more Benefit products as your must have go to item(s) … you can breath now! We still have access to Benefit Cosmetics thanks to ASOS, an amazing online UK retailer that many of you may be aware of, who offer free worldwide shipping and carry Benefit Cosmetics along with many other cosmetic and clothing lines that are not available here in South Africa!  The only drawback to this is that we won’t have testers at our avail to try out new products, but at least we can continue to purchase our favourites and still have the option of trying new products if we choose to.Smile I have to say, when I discovered that they carried Benefit Cosmetics I was relieved and I plan on using them to replenish my Benefit stock when needed.

Were you guys disappointed that Benefit Cosmetics is leaving South Africa? Have you been taking advantage of the sale at Woolworths? Are you as relieved as I am to know that we still have access to their products? Please share in the comments below so we can all be inspiredSmile

Hope you guys liked this post!Smile

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  • Tami Rebekah

    Love this!! Im always needing advice on what beauty products to buy!! My face needs help! Love your blog! Can’t wait to read more.

    • Safiya Bhabha

      Thanks!!!:) I’m so glad you like it!!:) I just took advantage of the sale and bought some new products so stay tuned for the reviews soon!:) … Xo!:)

  • Lucy Gorett Da Costa

    Oh my gosh I am so thankful for Asos, as I bought Mac now but it cant replace Benefit… their foundation stick was the bees knees!

    • Safiya Bhabha

      Lol! I feel the same way! For those of us hooked on any Benefit products ASOS is a total life saver!

  • Darling

    Whaaat? I literally just started hearing how great Benefit is and since I’m from overseas I don’t bat an eye to using my credit card to ship things here. That’s what I did to try out Benefit. I had no idea Benefit was EVEN IN SA and definitely had no idea THEY LEFT. Did the company say why? Come on let’s be honest in SA all you have to do to succeed is say “our brand is from America and the likes of Beyonce and Oprah use our brand” LOL

    • Safiya Bhabha

      Hi Darling:) … Where are you from? I have no idea why they left … that was something
      they didn’t seem to disclose. They were being sold at Woolworths and
      just decided to pull out for some reason … I thought it was pretty odd
      too! I’m also from overseas and I have lived in a couple of different
      countries and Benefit seems to be popular EVERYWHERE so I really can’t
      understand why they didn’t succeed here!

  • Jean-Marie

    The Asos site says that benefit cosmetics is not available for shipping to SA. The same goes for Has anyone actually purchased these products from them? And has anyone tried to order it from the official benefit site? Would love to hear from you

  • Kelly

    ASOS does not ship Benefit products to SA. But I just bought some benefit products directly from the US Benefit online store, shipping was $18 and there is no tax added to the products as they are going outside the US – so they actually work out cheaper than the ASOS prices in any case. The Benefit site has their entire range as well.

    • farzana

      Hi kelly so glad to see a positive response to buyinh online directly was a bit skeptical as I want to purchase their products.did u pay anything extra though once it arrived in sa

  • Amanda Koker

    I’m disappointed even though I’ve love abroad for about 4 years now and didn’t even know they were available in South Africa. I have to add that it might be because distributors of Woolworth’s have seriously been showing some real nasty colours in the last few years. Using artists and then not paying them (with regards to painted scatter cushions) I just feel as though Woolies aren’t offering quality and integrity the way they used to. It makes me sad because I’ve always been a huge fan.