Discovered an Amazing Spa in Cape Town!… Definitely going there again!

Discovered an Amazing Spa in Cape Town!… Definitely going there again!

Last weekend myself and a couple of girlfriends decided we needed a spa day for some well needed R&R … cause we all need some special pampering once in a while! One of my friends had been to The Arabella Spa in The Westin Cape Town Hotel previously and swore that we would not be disappointed if we tried it. So we took her advice and went for it. It was my first visit to a Spa in Cape Town since we moved here two months ago so I was super psyched about it!

The spa consists of a small fitness center, a heated lap pool, a Jacuzzi, a steam room, a sauna, 15 treatment rooms, and (one of its most unique features which I’ll go into more detail about below) heated water beds! Daily access to the spa facilities cost R480 for a full day, R240 for a half day, and it’s complimentary with services over R400. All three of us opted for massages which were more than R400 so we got full access to the spa facilities.  To make the most of our day we went to the spa about two hours before our appointments and used the time to spend enjoying the facilities.

One of my favourite things about The Arabella Spa was that it’s located on the 19th floor and every area except for the steam room and massage rooms have floor to ceiling windows overlooking the harbour and Table Mountain; giving you stunning views that make the experience just that more serene! However, I was unfortunately unable to take any pictures at the spa for 2 reasons: 1) I forgot my camera on the way out the door when I was leaving my home! (I was really bummed about that!!), and 2) The spa does not allow the use of cameras inside its facilities. (I felt a little better about forgetting my camera at home when I saw that). Thus, all the pictures on this posting are from The Arabella Spa website only… but I’ll try my best to explain the experience in as much detail as possible 🙂 Here’s one picture of the view you can see 🙂

The view from The Arabella Spa

Upon checking in we received fluffy white towels, robes and slippers that were so soft and comfy! We started the day with the lap pool and Jacuzzi. The floor to ceiling windows at the lap pool and Jacuzzi area were the entire length of the room, giving it an absolutely breathtaking view! Although we dipped into the lap pool, none of us were in the mood to do anything remotely active so we quickly proceeded to the Jacuzzi. We lounged and chatted there for a while letting the jets massage us and admiring the stunning landscape. Below are pictures of the lap pool and Jacuzzi. Unfortunately these picture do not  do the view any justice! It was actually much more stunning in reality and in daylight!

The Lap Pool

The Jacuzzi

We then spent time in the steam room and sauna; letting out pores be opened, our toxins released, and all the other benefits that you get from just sitting there and relaxing in the heat.  (Here is an article that gives us even more ‘good for you’ reasons to spend time in a sauna/steam room.)  Below is a picture of the sauna with it’s amazing view.

The Sauna

Before we knew it, the time had come for our massages. There was a gorgeous and comfy lounge area (also with a gorgeous view) where we waited for each of our masseuses to fetch us. Unfortunately the website doesn’t have any pictures of the lounge area so I’m unable to show it to you. I got the Harmony massage which is described as a ‘deeply relaxing massage’… exactly what I was looking for! The masseuse offered me three different scented massage oils to choose from before starting my massage which I thought that was a great way of personalizing the massage. I can’t remember which scent I picked, but I definitely loved it! Deeply relaxing was exactly what the massage was! I almost fell asleep and had to pry myself off of the massage table when the masseuse was done!

The lethargic state I was in was perfect for the last experience of the spa. After our massages we were each lead by our masseuses to the most unique feature of the spa. It was the feature that sold us on The Arabella Spa when my friend was describing it to us. It was another room with a gigantic wall to wall, floor to ceiling window overlooking Table Mountain that had a row of heated water beds all facing the giant window! On top of being heated, the water beds were all dressed with the softest, fuzziest, comfiest blankets! Perfect for winter! And all we had to do was lie there, enjoy the view and relax! Below is a picture of the waterbeds … Don’t they even LOOK comfy?!

The heated water beds

Of course, being the girls we are we chatted most of the time we were lying on them … but still found it very difficult to get off of them when it was time to leave!

We were going out for dinner after our spa day so we used the  change rooms to get showered and dressed. The showers had a beautiful stone backdrop and shower heads that seemed to gently massage.  The floors were heated, which is also perfect for these winter months so we could walk around barefoot without freezing our toes! Oh and it was VERY clean! That is definitely important to me when using public showers and changing areas.

Overall I really enjoyed my experience at The Arabella Spa! We had an amazing time and I definitely plan on being a frequent there! In fact, as soon as I got home I convinced my husband that he needs to experience it too … giving me the perfect excuse to go back there soon!! 🙂

A few of the little things that I thought were nice ‘finishing touches’ at the spa:

  • Each area had pitchers of ice cold water that seemed to have just the perfect amount of lemon slices in it which makes the water so tasty and refreshing! That kept us nicely hydrated the whole time we were at there, which is very important!.  It reminded me how much I love lemon slice in my water and since then I’ve even been inspired to keep a pitcher of water with lemon slices in my fridge at home at all times!
  • The change room had an amazing body lotion packed in little bottles for everyone to use after your shower or your treatments. I used it after my shower and I loved the way it made my skin feel!
  • In the change room there was a small bathing suit dryer! It looked and sounded almost like a garbage disposal (maybe not quite as loud) making me a little scared to use it, but my friend reassured me that it would not destroy my bathing suit so I gave it a try! You just put the bathing suit in, close the lid for something like 10 or 15 seconds, it makes a bit of a noise, and when you take it out the bathing suit is much drier! Of course it didn’t dry completely but it left the suit only slightly damp. I thought that was cool… I hate packing a soaking wet swimsuit back into my bag.


Have any of you been to The Arabella Spa before? If so, what was your experience like? How often do you go to spas? Are there any other spas in Cape Town that you could recommend? Let us know in the comments below so we can all benefit from your answers:)


Here are the links to the Brochure and Price-list for The Arabella Spa in case you guys want to try it too!


On a side note… Would you believe it if I told you that super model Heidi Klum has never been to a spa before!!??!!..  According to her in this interview it’s TRUE!!


Hope you guys enjoyed this post!:) If you want to see more of my beauty discoveries in Cape Town and South Africa, don’t forget to subscribe to my email list! 🙂





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