Even Olympians Can Sport Some Pretty Beauty Trends!

Even Olympians Can Sport Some Pretty Beauty Trends!

While everybody is focussed on the actual sports at the Olympics there are a few of us who notice when the pretty Olympians put some effort into their beauty routines for their big day … which as you will see below many of them do!Smile  Who would have thought that with their busy training, practice schedules and not to mention the EXTREME amount of pressure on them to make a big win for their country, they would actually have time to worry about how their hair, nails and makeup look! I guess it makes sense that they would be somewhat conscious of it since only the entire world is watching them! … but I still think this puts them on some kind of even greater super human status than they already are!  Here are some of the Olympians sporting some of the seasons beauty trends!Smile

Since nail art has become such a HUGE trend in the last year or so, what would be a better way to support your country than by having your national flag painted onto your mani!


Rebecca Adlington of the U.K.


Alicia Coutts of Australia

Caroline Wozniacki

Caroline Wozniacki of Denmark (Tennis Champ)

Kristina Vogel

Kristina Vogel of the German track cycling team

Shauna Mullin

Shauna Mullin of the UK (Beach Volleyball)

And if you are a fan of this patriotic trend and want to show support for your national team www.minxtastinroom.com has created an Olympic Collection of solid nail coating to get your own national flag on your nails! You can find it here: http://www.minxtastingroom.com/shop/

Below is the South African one (my resident country) and the Canadian one (my home country)


Top knots, probably being one of the best hairstyles to keep hair out of an athlete’s face and help them look stylish at the same time were also seen in abundance.  Below are some of the cutest ones!


Germany’s Nadine Jarosch looks adorable in her braided top knot!


American gymnasts with messy top knot/ponytail combo!

These adorable Russian gymnasts definitely took the gold (or should we say silver) by adding silver sprayed on sparkles to their slicked back ponytails and competing with fully made up faces that were on trend with winged out eyeliner and eyeshadow that matched their uniforms!


And of course the events wouldn’t be complete without some gorgeous smoky eye looks! They must be using some awesome primers and make up with amazing staying power to keep these looks from budging while they are working up some serious sweat!


Dorina Boczogo of Hungary (Gymnast)


Daiane dos Santos of Brazil (Gymnast)

Jordyn Wieber

Jordyn Wieber of U.S. (Gymnast)

Can you believe these beautiful ladies managed to compete at one of the most intense and physically challenging events in the world and possibly in their lives, while manage to look good at the same time?!  I think it’s amazing and definitely inspiration for the rest of us!

Did any of you notice the effort that was put into some of the athletes’ beauty looks while watching the games? Which ones were your favourites? Please share in the comments below so we can all be inspired.Smile


Hope you guys liked this post!Smile


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    • http://www.flutterandpout.com/ Safiya Bhabha

      They are so cute!! .. And such a perfect way to support your country/team!:)