Fall/Winter 2012 Makeup Trends to try in South Africa Now!

Fall/Winter 2012 Makeup Trends to try in South Africa Now!

Since Fall/Winter has already started in South Africa, I thought it would be nice to list some of the season’s most anticipated makeup looks for inspiration that we can all use now! I guess this is one of the fun benefits of living in the Southern Hemisphere at this time of the year … We can try these trends first! (Since Fall/Autumn won’t be around for a few months in the Northern Hemisphere.) And for those of you who don’t live here this can help you to plan ahead so you will look season appropriate as soon as the weather changes!:)

Flushed Cheeks using Rosy/Pink blushes with porcelain skin as seen below, giving you that ‘just came in from the cold’ type of look.

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Red Lips are still in (which I’m so happy about because I still love rocking them!). You can wear it paired with barely there eye make up for the day or full out smoky eye for a glamorous evening look.

Fall/Winter 2012 Bod Red Lips

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Thick winged out/’flicked’ eyeliner giving you a vintage cat eye look… The Fall/Winter version is slightly thicker and heavier than the basic cat eye we’ve been seeing for spring/summer. As you can see in the picture below, Rihanna used a dark blue to create hers witch really makes her green eyes pop! Moral of the story is you don’t have to stick to black as long as you use another dark shade that works for you.

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Dark Vampy lips in colours like Mauve, burgundy and deep scarlet red. Although I love my red lipstick this is definitely going to be my next ‘go to’ lip trend… It gives you a warm but sexy feel in the cold.

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Colours on Eyes and Lots of it Everything from bright coloured smoky eye to coloured eyeliner and mascara.  The colour blocking trend has taken over makeup!  Turquoise is popular for eyeliner and eye shadow and Azure is for mascara.  Bold Greens, Blues, Purples and Oranges are all hot shades for eye shadow.  This is definitely the most fun trend of the season… the possibilities are endless!

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Bold Brows – Put the tweezers away because full eyebrows are here to stay!  Although this trend calls for a thick brow, they should be lightly shaped at the arch to frame the face and they should follow your natural brow shape.  If you naturally have thin/sparse eyebrows or have over plucked recently (guilty!) then no worries, you can easily fill them in with a brow pencil or brow shadow.  I prefer the latter as it looks more natural and is more fitting with this trend

Photo Source: http://www.ellecanada.com/beauty/fall-beauty-must-bold-brows/s/4066/ , http://www.bellasugar.com.au/2012-AutumnWinter-Hair-Trend-Bold-Eyebrows-22202943?slide=6

Which of these makeup trends will you guys be trying? And which ones have you already tried? Are there any trends that you love, that I left out? Please share with us in the comments below:)


I love all of them and will definitely be experimenting with them as the season goes by!


Hope you guys liked this post! 🙂


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