For Those of You Who Haven’t Heard … BB Creams Have Been Upgraded, CC Creams Are The New Rave!

For Those of You Who Haven’t Heard … BB Creams Have Been Upgraded, CC Creams Are The New Rave!

Since BB creams have entered the beauty world, they have been a huge craze amongst women everywhere … and why wouldn’t they be? What women doesn’t want to simplify her beauty routine by using one product that moisturizes, anti-ages, provides sun protection, primes, covers, and the list goes on depending on the brand. Well now there is a new product that promises to do all that and even more! … CC creams!


Thankfully the ‘CC’ in the name is not there because of some kind of trending grading system for the latest creams on the market … it actually stands for ‘Colour Correcting’ or ‘Color Control’.  The reason for this is because the focus of CC creams is supposed to be on a more even skin tone by providing fuller coverage and skin care ingredients that actually improve complexion.  They claim to reduce things like hyperpigmentation, blotchiness, discoloration, fine lines and wrinkles in the long run, while offering a more light weight, mousse like consistency that actually provides slightly more coverage than their predecessors the BB cream! Furthermore, the lighter texture makes the CC creams more suitable for oily skin types, allows active skincare ingredients to penetrate the skin better due to having less silicones in them, and makes the product easier to blend! … And I thought BB creams sounded too good to be true!


CC creams have already become quite popular in Japan (where the BB cream craze also started) and have recently made their way to the U.S. and several other countries where they are quickly taking over the spotlight of the BB Cream! While many Japanese skincare brands have already created versions, the most notable western brands to jump on the bandwagon are Olay and Channel, both of which have been receiving rave reviews! And according to Cosmopolitan UK: “L’Oréal Paris has let slip that they are planning a March/April 2013 launch of three CC Creams that have colour correcting properties”.

Since BB creams have just started to catch on here in South Africa, I’m guessing CC creams won’t be following suite for a while … But I must say after having such great results with my Smashbox Camera Ready BB cream (which is now a must in my daily skincare routine), I am definitely curious to see what a CC cream will be like!

So, to summarize …

Why are CC creams supposedly better than BB creams?

– According to Cosmopolitan UK:

“All in all, we seem to be talking about a sort of BB cream with fewer silicones, more sophisticated skincare ingredients, and increased coverage.”

– According to

“They’re designed to offer more coverage than BB creams but still go on sheer, they moisturize better, and they contain hard-core anti-aging ingredients.”

– And according to

“While BB creams include anti-aging ingredients for prevention and maintenance, CC creams focus on repairing existing issues—whether that means tending to crow’s feet or evening out skin tone. “Instead of general anti-aging, it’s a more targeted treatment,” says Brian. CC Creams might include natural brighteners like licorice or vitamin C, or antioxidants to soften fine lines.”


… And who are CC creams better for?

– People who suffer from acne, dark spots, or discoloration, because CC creams provide a more full and buildable coverage that is more foundation like to help conceal those issues while using key ingredients to reduce them at the same time.

– And people who are in need of more targeted anti-aging or anti-wrinkle properties.




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  • audrey isms

    Thank you for blogging about CC Creams Safiya. This is the first time I’ve heard about this. I can’t wait for CC Creams to land Philippines shores. Best of luck Safiya!

    • Safiya Bhabha

      Thank you!!:) I’m glad that I could help to keep you updated!:) It does look promising so I can’t wait to be able to try it too:) Hope you’re having a great day! Xo!