Get the Spring/Summer Neon Lips Trend and Super Soft Lips Thanks to This Lipstick!

Get the Spring/Summer Neon Lips Trend and Super Soft Lips Thanks to This Lipstick!

Although Spring has officially started here in South Africa, the weather in Cape Town doesn’t seem to be reflecting it quite yet… Which means wearing spring clothing is not really working for me (I hate feeling cold!). But I’m so tired of the dreary, cold, dull weather and the wardrobe that goes along with it, so I thought what better way to spruce up my look and to at least make myself feel a little more ‘Spring-ish’ than to try a hot spring/summer makeup trend! The trend of choice: neon lipstick!Smile


I found these Yardley Supermoist lipsticks at Clicks the other day and knew I had to have them!




Besides the fact that the colours are gorgeous, they claim to be enriched with Shea Butter and Vitamin F to moisturize your lips, have SPF20 for sun protection, and they were only R69 ($8) so it felt like a steal buying them!  I am a huge fan of multi tasking products, so a lipstick that also moisturizes and offers sun protection is a definite yes for me!   

I couldn’t decide on one colour and since they were such an affordable price I decided to buy both!  The colours I chose were Rendezvous which is the neon pink shade and Melon Burst which is the neon orange shade. I know ‘neon orange’ sounds like a pretty daring colour, but you’ll see in the picture below that it is actually pretty wearable … it’s kind of just a brighter version of tangerine!

I thought that for the moisturizing benefit the pigment would be compromised, especially because the swatches on my hand didn’t look very pigmented but I was very pleasantly surprised when I applied it to my lips and the colour was quite rich!




Me wearing Rendezvous


Me wearing Melon Burst

As promised, the lipstick did feel very moisturizing which is a super plus for me!  I hate it when lipsticks make my lips feel dry and I am kind of addicted to chap sticks, so this really helps! I went out for dinner with the Melon Burst on and to my surprise (according to my hubby’s observations), my lipstick was still on after I finished dinner!

Overall, I am really pleased with this purchase and I am kind of kicking myself for not trying these lipsticks before! Here’s a recap of why I like them so much!:

– Awesome, trendy colours!

– Has moisturizing properties that work!

– Has SPF20 (Super bonus for the coming spring/summer months!)

– More pigmented than expected for a moisturizing lipstick.

– Lasted longer than expected for a moisturizing lipstick.

– Great price!

I also love this neon lip colour trend!  On top of being such fun colours, they are perfect for daytime looks when paired with very little or no eye makeup and for evening looks when paired with a heavier eye makeup like I am wearing in the pictures above!  So I am sure I will be wearing these lipsticks all summer long!Smile

What do you guys think of the neon lip colour trend?  Have you tried these lipsticks before?  Please share in the comments below so we can all be inspired.Smile


Hope you guys liked my post!Smile



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