Got my Eyebrows Shaped at Eyecandy after Growing them in for a Month!

Got my Eyebrows Shaped at Eyecandy after Growing them in for a Month!

I truly believe that the shape of your eyebrows can make or break the way you look. If eyes are the windows to our souls then our eyebrows are the frames to those windows and if they are not shaped properly you could end up looking permanently angry, surprised, or super excited!  Instead, eyebrows should be shaped to flatter the eyes and compliment the expressions that you make.  That is why I think it’s extremely important to have eyebrows shaped by a professional once in a while and a very good one at that!  So since I moved to South Africa I’ve heard a lot about Eyecandy (An eyebrow and eyelash bar exclusively at Woolworths that uses threading to shape the eyebrows) and since I did not have any other recommendations as to where to get my eyebrows done I thought I would give them a try.

Although I am pretty well versed on how to shape eyebrows I have a tendency to forget everything I know and  go a little pluck happy once in a while … which is exactly what I did recently! So I spent the last month growing my eyebrows out to get them reshaped.   Of course after growing them out for a whole month, I was pretty nervous to get them done by someone I didn’t know who could easily ruin them again.  But since I had a wedding to go to on the weekend and I couldn’t attend with a ‘bush’ above my eyes, I took my chances and went to the branch in Cavendish Mall to get them done.

Eyecandy uses threading; an ancient Eastern method of hair removal using thread to remove unwanted hair from the roots to shape the eyebrows.  Threading removes several hairs at a time in straight lines, which makes it easy to correctly shape the brows quickly.  It can sometimes be painful and I’ve had it done previously at other places where I did find it very painful. Luckily the lady who did my brows at Eyecandy seemed to have a gentle hand so it wasn’t painful at all.

This is my ‘Before’ picture.


In the before picture you can see that although my brows were quite thick, they were still quite sparse because a lot of the hairs hadn’t fully grown in yet. To fix this problem I also opted for an eyebrow tinting option that they have available.

And below is my ‘After’ picture once the threading and tinting was completed.


Thankfully I left with a shape that was not too thin but well defined, complimented my features and didn’t make me look like I had any permanent crazy facial expressions! … Phew! The girl who did my threading was aware that I had over plucked recently and spent time growing them back so she took her time and got my feedback to make sure that I was completely satisfied with them which I really appreciated!

The eyebrow tinting was a life saver because now I don’t have to spend time filling my eyebrows in with a brow powder or liner everyday! An additional bonus that comes from tinting over plucked brows is that it gives you a kind of ‘template’ to follow when maintaining/plucking your eyebrows at home so you can continue to grow them in without having them look untidy.

Overall, I was very pleased with my experience at Eyecandy and the results I got from their eyebrow threading and tinting treatments.  It is a little pricey at R80 for the threading and another R80 for the eyebrow tinting, but I thought it was well worth the splurge since it has created a shape that I can maintain at home myself over the next few months.  I will definitely go back to them when I feel the need arise to get my eyebrows shaped again, since I was completely satisfied and happy with the outcome.

Have any of you been to Eyecandy at Woolworths before? How did you find your experience? Is there anywhere else that you go to get your eyebrows done or do you prefer to do them yourself?  Please share in the comments below so we can all be inspired.Smile 

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