Inspiration To Get Us Through A Gloomy Mid Winter Monday

Inspiration To Get Us Through A Gloomy Mid Winter Monday

Since Mondays are generally gloomy days; having a dull, cloudy, cold mid- winter Monday like we had in Cape Town today can be just plain depressing and not to mention, totally uninspiring! Even though I love dressing up, when the weather is like this all I want to do is curl up in a ball and stay in my pyjamas all day!  If there’s such a thing a ‘dressers’ block’ (ie. not being able to think of anything to wear even though you have a cupboard full of clothes!), it is exactly what happens to me when the weather is like this! So to mend this situation, I thought some inspirational fashion and beauty quotes might help to pick us up and motivate us to look and feel good about ourselves for the rest of this mid-winter week!





I actually think most of these are inspiring on any day you need a ‘pick me up’!

What do you guys think … Are they inspiring to you as well?  Do you also feel uninspired in this midwinter weather? Is there anything you do to help lift your mood on gloomy days like this?  Share with us in the comments below so we can all be inspired!Smile

Hope you guys liked this post!Smile


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