Learn Insider Makeup and Skincare Tips by a Qualified Beauty Therapist at These Sessions Across South Africa!

Learn Insider Makeup and Skincare Tips by a Qualified Beauty Therapist at These Sessions Across South Africa!

While most of us constantly scour the web and whatever other resources we can find to get the best skincare and beauty tips that will help us achieve flawless skin and a healthy glow, Beauty Therapists don’t have to do that because they have all that knowledge and more inside their heads! So if you were given the opportunity to to get inside the head of a qualified Beauty Therapist and learn all the information that you need to achieve beautiful skin and a flawless finish, wouldn’t you want to take it? … I definitely would! And I am planning to do just that by attending these Makeup and Skincare Sessions that are taking place nation wide, offered by Euphony Kgadima, a qualified Somatologist/Beauty Therapist.




Miss Euphony is a qualified Somatologist, which according to http://www.sacareerfocus.co.za is ‘a multi-faceted profession in which the Somatologist treats a variety of skin and body problems in a holistic and health related manner So basically she is a highly qualified Health and Beauty Therapist.  She will be enlightening us by holding a series of Makeup and Skin Care Sessions across the country that are meant to

‘Empower the community on skin care habits, and create a better generation of makeup users.’

The focus of the sessions will be on teaching us makeup and skincare habits that will allow us to achieve and maintain healthy, flawless skin throughout the year, no matter what your age, race or skin colour is.

To add to the fun, the sessions will be taking place in trendy, upscale cafes or lounges and will be emceed by celebrity or radio personalities.  There will be good food, gift hampers and prizes to be won! Sounds like a fun right?! The tickets cost R250 per person, which I think is worth it since we will be getting good food, entertainment, gift hampers, a chance to win great prizes and a great learning experience!

The sessions have already started in Nelspruit, but if you are living in Johannesburg, Cape Town or Durban, you still have time to book your seats!Smile

The dates of the shows and information on how to book your tickets are listed on the flier posted above. These will be the first of a series of sessions, so you don’t want to miss them!

If you would like to connect with Miss Euphony, you can also find her on twitter at @SkinTherapistSA, where she is always tweeting a wealth of helpful tips and information regarding skincare.



Hope you guys like this post!Smile




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