Runway to ‘Real Way’: My Eye Makeup Look Inspired by the Mark Jacobs NYFW Show.

Runway to ‘Real Way’: My Eye Makeup Look Inspired by the Mark Jacobs NYFW Show.

In my previous post I listed a bunch of cool eye makeup looks from the New York Fashion Week Spring 2013 shows and among those looks there was this look from the Marc Jacobs show that I thought was really cool inspiration for a weekend evening look! So I decided to use it for just that!

Of course, I didn’t want to copy it exactly because the look was intended for a show and therefore is not meant to be worn on a regular evening out … Instead I used it as inspiration to create a look that would work for me on my evening out.

What stands out about this look is the contouring in the crease that is very defined, so I used that as the main inspiration but toned it down enough so it would be wearable for a Saturday evening dinner date with the hubby. I also always try to ‘get the look’ by keeping it as simple as possible because I don’t like spending too much time on just my eye makeup.

So first I lightly dusted white eye shadow on my entire eye lid up to the crease.


Then I did the same on my brow bone.


I then took this MAC eye contouring brush (the number is fading off so I’m not sure which number it is but I think it’s 219) and used it with a dark grey/black eye shadow to sweep a line along the crease of my eye, from the inner corner to just past the outer corner. At the show the models had the line swiped way past the outer corner of the eye, but shortening the line was one of my tweaks to keep the look more wearable. Their line was also very defined so it looked a bit harsh, I blended the line out a bit to soften it up.


After doing this I used the same eye shadow and same brush to sweep a line on my upper lid just above the lash line, from just past the middle of the lid to past the outer corner of my eye. I then did the same type of line under my lower lashline, making them meet to create almost a triangle. Unfortunately I have no idea how I missed getting a picture of this step, but I somehow did !Sad smile … For those of you who need the visual, I am SO sorry! But if you look at wear the the arrow is pointing in the picture below you can see what I did here.

Next I took a black gel liner from Smashbox and the Benefit liner brush you see in the picture below and lined my upper lid.


Then I used a white eyeliner and lined my lower waterline.


I then used the black Smashbox gel eye liner with the Benefit eye liner brush again, but this time to line my lower lash line.


To Finish it off I dabbed Benefit Sun Beam highlighter on the inner corner of my eyes and then blended it in.



And that was it; my take on the look … I paired it with pale pink lips, and was ready for my evening out. Smile



Hope you guys liked it!Smile



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