So Many New Lust-Worthy Beauty Brands Entering Cape Town … Here’s the Lowdown on Them!

So Many New Lust-Worthy Beauty Brands Entering Cape Town … Here’s the Lowdown on Them!


It is so exciting how recently there seems so many amazing well known international makeup and skincare brands popping up in South Africa and Cape Town!  I am especially thrilled about this trend because after living my whole life in Canada and then in the Middle East; both of which have almost every well known beauty brand you can think of at your finger tips, I was actually nervous about not being able to find my favourite beauty products when I moved here! Thankfully the beauty world has seemed to have discovered South Africa’s potential and are making their way over here!Smile  So here’s the lowdown on the latest beauty brands to arrive on our shores along with when and where they are or will be in Cape Town. Smile


Gosh Cosmetics is a trendy, edgy and innovative make up, skincare, fragrance, and hair care line originally from Denmark and available in seventy eight other countries around the world.  They have already launched in Johannesburg exclusively to Edgars and Red Square Stores and will be arriving to Cape Town in November specifically to Red Square Constantia & Edgars Claremont. (Red Square Constantia is close to my house so I’m thrilled about that!Smile).  The company has been around for twenty five years with its roots in the pharmaceutical industry, leaving little doubt about the quality of their products which are mostly paraben and perfume free, and are also approved by PETA.  Sound great right?! Here are some of the products I’m lusting over and can’t wait to try! To top it off their prices lie more in the ‘drugstore product’ range than the ‘high-end’ range, making them quite affordable!

The trendiest colours of the season packed into one pallet! (R139)

This gradual Tan lotion for the face and body can be used as a daily moisturizer to slowly build up your tan … perfect for summer! Can’t wait to try it! (R69)

This pretty pink ‘lip glaze’ apparently softens lips and has a built in mirror and light so you can reply anywhere, anytime! (R140)

Stila Cosmetics was created in 1994 by a top makeup artist and is known for it’s trendy yet sophisticated colours, innovative, multi-tasking formulas and its eco-friendly packaging. Their incredibly fun, pretty and easy to use products created a cult following by constantly making the ‘must have’ lists of beauty editors, beauty bloggers, and magazines world wide! This is actually the brand that I am most excited about just because I have used their products before and have been a huge fan of theirs ever since they arrived in Canada when I lived there! The only store they are currently available in Cape Town is Truworths Tygervalley, but they are also available online at and Their products range from R165 to R395, so they’re not exactly the least expensive brand, but trust me … most of their products are worth every penny! Here are some of the products that I really want to purchase ASAP!

In The Moment Eye Shadow Palette

This ‘In The Moment Eyeshadow Palette’ is a collection of Stila’s award winning eye shadows that can be worn wet or dry. It also includes a Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner and a look-book filled with application tips and tricks … Ahhh … What more can a girl ask for! (R394 at … it was completely sold out yesterday when I started writing this but it looks like they just got more in stock this morning!)

Stay All Day 10-in-1 HD Beauty Balm

This Beauty Balm boasts to be a ‘10-in-1’ super product and since I am in the process of finding my ‘must have’ BB Cream (I just did a review on my current favourite one here), I will have to give this one a try!  (R349 at


This blush is just such a pretty shade of pink and apparently it is self adjusting to your skintone! I’ve also seen many rave reviews about it … so I definitely want to give it a try! (R199.95 at

Smudge Pot in Black

I think this was one of the first Stila products I ever tried and one the first gel liners I ever tried … It  has always been one of my favourite gel eyeliners ever since. (R194.95


Lush has taken the world by storm with it’s handmade products that are made only from fresh, organic fruits and vegetables (by which they claim that their use of the words fresh and organic have ‘honest meanings beyond the purpose of marketing’), the finest essential oils and safe synthetics. Their products are also free from animal testing, with little to no preservatives and/or packaging. Something that I thought was really cool about their packaging is that they include a little sticker with the date that specific product was made, its expiry date, and the name of the person it was made by! (Yes you read that right) … Talk about integrity!  In case you haven’t heard or seen it yet, their flagship store opened a few weeks ago in V&A Waterfront, and I have already done a small haul for which I will be doing a review soon!Smile  These are the products I bought … but definitely not the only products I want! (My husband had to pry me out of there … I wanted everything … it all smells SO good!!)

Sympathy for the Skin

Supposedly the only body cream in the universe with real organic mashed bananas in it! It also has cocoa butter and according to the very helpful sales assistant that I was speaking to, it is great for dry skin … which is exactly what I need! (R145.00)

Lip Service

This lip balm is made of a deliciously ‘lush-ous’ mixture of olive oil, cocoa, shea butters, and tangerine oil, to moisture and tone not only the lips, but the heels, toes, cuticles and elbows too! Pretty cool huh?! (R65)

Mint Julips

Apparently this lip scrub that is made with ingredients like Castor Sugar, Jojoba oil, Vanilla Extract and Peppermint Oil is completely edible! The directions on the tin actually tell you to lick off the excess product after you finish scrubbing your lips!  The sales lady pointed out that along with leaving your lips soft, it will leave your breath fresh since its a mint flavour! How’s that for multi-tasking?! (R65)


Kiehl’s  is a skin and hair care line that was founded as a homeopathic pharmacy over 100 years ago and through it’s “Try before you buy” approach, it has gained popularity through out the world mainly by ‘word of mouth’ … Of course many of those mouths were the mouths of celebrities who seem to love their products! Their products claim to be derived from the most unique natural ingredients ‘combining tried-and-true methods with the latest innovations from around the world’.  They are also unique in that they cater to men more than most skincare lines. Their packaging is very simple and straight forward as to not confuse customers.  The only drawback is that their products can be a bit pricey … but the good thing is they have a full money back guarantee, so if you can afford it you have nothing to lose! Unless you’ve been living under a rock you probably are aware that they launched in Johannesburg about a month ago but it is not currently sold anywhere here in Cape Town yet.  However there is some hope for us Cape Town dwellers … according to their Twitter stream they have been ‘convincing management’ to open a store here depending on how much pressure their potential ‘Capetonian’ customers put on them via Twitter! If they succeed, a store will most likely be opened here in Cape Town by the end of the year.  They are planning to have a final meeting today and will let us all know on Monday! So if you want them here in Cape Town tweet them to let them know here and do it ASAP! … As of now, it is looking quite promising! *UPDATE: Good news for everyone who doesn’t live in Johannesburg! You can now order Kiehl’s products from anywhere in South Africa via the Edgars Fashion Hotline and have them delivered to your home.  So they still haven’t decided to launch a store in Cape Town, but at least the products are available to those of us who want to get our hands on them!:) Here are some of their most popular products:


This Elexir is enriched with Evening Primrose Oil, Omega 6 Fatty Acids, and a botanical lipid similar to natural skin lipids to replenish essential moisture to depleted skin. It is one of Kiehl’s best sellers world wide! (R549)

creme de corps

This is also one of their most popular products world wide as celebs seem to constantly rave about it!  It is an all-over body moisturizer for dry, flaky skin that claims to show results within ten days of use … Seems pretty promising! (R210)

My wallet isn’t going to be very happy once I get through all of these brands … but my skin and mirror will be!Smile Can’t wait to try them all!!

Which brands are you guys most excited about?  Have you tried any of these products yet? Are there any other products that you’re looking forward to trying? Please share in the comments below so we can all be inspired. Smile


Hope you guys like this post!Smile



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  • Deslé

    Your blog is beautiful;-) I can’t wait to try Gosh argan oil and Keihls products. They haven’t reached Cape Town yet so I am patiently waiting. But I agree with you my wallet is also going to suffer when they arrive. @DivaDesle

  • Safiya Bhabha

    Awww … Thanks!!:) You just made my day!:) I’ve heard a lot of good things about the Gosh Argain Oil too … Oh no that’s another product I might have to add to my beauty budget! I can’t wait until they arrive here too!:)