Summer Preparation: Exfoliation! Product used: Mangwanani Spa’s Rose Oil Salt Scrub!

Summer Preparation: Exfoliation! Product used: Mangwanani Spa’s Rose Oil Salt Scrub!

A few weeks ago I indulged in a day at the Mangwanani Spa and while I was there I bought the African Rose Oil Salt Scrub so I could enjoy some pampering at home. I hadn’t tried it until a few days ago when the weather was warming up and I realized that all the heated air in winter had really left my skin dry and in desperate need of some exfoliation! I must say I was pleasantly surprised!

First of all, Mangwanani Spa was everything I dreamed it to be; a full day of massages and relaxation. I actually decided that I would like to live there … but that’s another dream! Unfortunately, it was a last minute decision I made with a couple of girl friends when I was visiting family in Joburg and my camera was left here in Cape Town, so I couldn’t do a full review of the place. (But If I did do a review, my conclusion would be: it is worth every penny!)

Anyways while I was there I picked up their African Rose Oil Salt Scrub as a ‘souvenir’ because it was the same scent that they were using on us all day and besides the fact that I liked it; I thought every time I use it, the scent will let me reminisce about my day of pampering! However I honestly thought their products looked kind of gimmicky so I wasn’t expecting too much from it. But when I tried it on my legs a few days ago I felt more than a bit nostalgic … it actually felt like it really worked!


The granules are quite chunky so I thought it would be kind of rough on the skin, but the consistency of the scrub is thick and makes them clump together, which sounds like a bad thing but it’s not! Instead you end up scooping up more product then you would expect to so it actually feels soft on your skin, while the salts work to exfoliate well! As soon as I came out of the shower I moisturized with my regular lotion, and I must say my legs did feel softer than normal and the visible dry skin that I had before was gone!



When you move the granules around to scrub the skin you can see a bit of a sheen from it’s moisturizing properties.


I’ve decided I’m going to be adding it to my beauty routine at least once or twice a week to keep my skin nice and smooth all summer long! The tub costs R80 and looks like it will last a while so I don’t think the price is bad at all. Also if a replacement is needed, or if you guys want to try it with out making the trip all the way to Mangwanani, I noticed that Mangwanani has an online shop where we can order it from.Smile

Tips for Exfoliating:

  • Always exfoliate with gentle movements and never scrub the granules roughly on your skin, because that can cause damage to the skin.
  • Try to scrub in circular motions along your body towards the heart.
  • Try not to exfoliate with a product more than twice a week because over exfoliating can also cause harm to the skin.



Hope you guys liked this post!Smile



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