Tips to Perfecting This Season’s Bold Coloured Pout :)

Tips to Perfecting This Season’s Bold Coloured Pout :)

I absolutely love bold red lipstick and I love the new bold lip colour trends that are in this season … like the rich burgundies, and deep reds!  (See ‘Fall/Winter 2012 Makeup Trends to try in South Africa Now!’ for more about the lipstick trends of the seasonSmile). Bold lip colours are so alluring and can take a simple day time make up look to a glamorous evening look!  However,when wearing a bold lip colour there are so many glitches that can occur; ie. cracked, bleeding colour, colour not staying, and the worst – wearing a colour that doesn’t flatter your skin tone!  Not what you want when you are wearing a bold lipstick and you can be sure that all eyes are on your lips! So to make sure that you don’t end up with any type of embarrassing ‘malfunctions’, here are some tips to making sure you’re lipstick application is perfect!

They're all so pretty.. how to choose...

1) Pick the perfect bold lip colour for your skin toneBasically most people can wear almost any colour, as long as the shade of that colour has the right undertone for your skin tone. Below are some guidelines to help you find the correct shade of lipstick depending on your skin tone.

    • If your skin is fair with a pink undertone – colours with blue undertones are best. (eg. berry, deep plum, and wine reds )
    • If you have olive skin with a yellow undertone – lip colours with an orange/yellow base are best. (eg. fire engine red, maroon)
    • If you have darker skin with a brownish/black undertone – colours with blue undertones are best. (eg. cranberry, deep plum, and wine reds)

Remember that these are only guidelines and testing different colours will give you the best results. (Note: When testing colours in the store it’s always best to put the swatch on the inner tip of your thumb; the colour there is most similar to your lip colour.) Also, if you don’t have the perfect colour at home, try mixing shades to get the perfect shade for you.

2) Make sure you do not have any dry skin on your lips.  When you are wearing a bold lip colour, especially if it’s a matte finish, dry skin will be accentuated by the appearance of cracks and flakes in your lipstick.  If your lips are dry you can avoid this by:

  • Exfoliating your lips –  One way to do this is by mixing a little bit of sugar with some Vaseline or Olive Oil and gently rubbing your lips in a circular motion.  If you don’t have time for that, you can also put Vaseline or a lip balm of your choice on your lips, then take a dampened toothbrush or wash cloth and again gently scrub in circular motions.  Remember to always do it GENTLY no matter which method you’re using and always moisturize when your done … which brings us to the next point …
  • Moisturize your lips before putting your lipstick on – It is absolutely necessary to make sure your lips are moisturized to have a smooth looking finish, so use a lip balm of your choice before applying your lipstick.  Although too much moisture can cause your lipstick to fade quickly,  below I have provided some tips to counteract this problem.  Personally, I always moisturize my lips before wearing lipstick, I find it to be much more comfortable and it’s better for your lips than a lipstick that can be drying.


3) Line your lips with a Lip LinerI know this one sounds obvious, but it’s a step that people tend to skip when they are in a hurry. However, taking this extra step will will prevent your lip colour from ‘bleeding’ outside of your lip; making sure that you don’t look like a kid who never learned to ‘stay between the lines’ in colouring classSmile.  It will also enhance the shape of your lips creating the illusion of fullness.  So when the focus of your face is on your lips because of your bold lip colour, it’s a step your going to want to take!

    • For this look, it’s best to use a lip liner that’s the same or a similar shade to your lipstick. Never use a darker lip liner that will show through your lipstick; having an obvious line around your lips is a dated look that you do not want now.
    • Carefully outline around the inside your lips or on the edge of your lips. Emphasizing on the cupid’s bow and the arches to create definition.  Never, line outside your lip to make your lips look thicker; this just looks obvious and then you just end up looking like that kid who didn’t ‘stay between the lines again! (More tips below on enhancing your lip shape so be patientSmile
    • If you don’t have a lip liner in the same shade, you can use a narrow lipstick brush with your lipstick to get a similar effect.

4) Before applying your lipstick fill your lips in with your lip liner, then lightly brush some translucent powder over it This will set the lip liner and create staying power for your lipstick.  Also by having the lip liner as your base, you will create more definition, and still have colour on your lips when it is time for a touch up.

5) To further accentuate the shape of your lips, dab some concealer or highlighter in the cupids bow (the dip in the middle of your upper lip), under the center of your lower lip, and/or around the outer corners of your upper lip after putting your lipstick on.  This will also correct any ‘leakage’ from your lipstick application to create a neater, more defined look.


And here’s a picture of me wearing a bold red lipstickSmile (My hubby was taking the picture so of course I had to blow him a kiss!)

392853_10150354292962879_707404329_n 2

These are the products I used to get this look:

Products used to make a red lip

  • Lipstick: Estee Lauder Pure Color in Classic Red
  • Lip Balm: Labello Fruity Shine in Strawberry (I also love using this in my daily make up routine without any lipstick … it gives a great red tint!)
  • Lip Liner: Victoria Secret (not sure what the exact shade is and as you can see I’ve used it to the point that it’s so small that I can’t even see what shade it is!)


Hope you guys liked these tips and hope they are helpful to perfecting your pout!Smile


Do you guys have any more tips to a perfect lipstick application that I left out?  Do you currently do any of these tricks? Which one of these tips do you find the most helpful? Please share in the comments below so we can all be inspiredSmile


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