My 5 Statement Necklaces That Seem To Work With Every Outfit!

My 5 Statement Necklaces That Seem To Work With Every Outfit!


I love statement necklaces and since they’ve been ‘in’ for a while now, when shopping it seem like there are absolutely gorgeous ones everywhere you look! … And if you’re anything like me you probably want them all! Sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming and if you’ve started a collection of your own it can be quite time consuming to try and choose the perfect one to go with your outfit every time you get dressed! From my own little collection, I’ve noticed that I seem to have five statement necklaces from which at least one will go with almost any outfit that I put on! So I thought I would share them with you guys … maybe it can help narrow down your decisions when shopping or choosing which ones to wear too!Smile


1) The first is this feather and beaded tousled drop pendant necklace. It works perfectly to quickly dress up a simple T-shirt when you’re on the go and to add that one little touch that just makes an outfit look put together.


It also works perfectly to add a soft pretty touch to a soft pretty blouse.



2) The second one is this off-white geometric necklace that adds a feminine touch to this otherwise very simple sweater.  It works perfectly with pastel or bright coloured tops that serve as a colourful back drop for the necklace.



3) The third is this metallic structured collar necklace … although it looks minimalist and simple, do not be fooled! … Throwing this on adds instant glam to any outfit! It works  perfectly with collared shirts and strapless tops and dresses.



4) This darkened metal and copper coiled collar necklace adds instant edge to almost any type of collared or U-neck top. This is another one that is perfect over a bright coloured top.


It also works perfectly to dress up a plain white tee.



5) A sparkly bib necklace like this one works perfectly with cocktail, party, and formal dresses … you can wear it with an LBD to add an instant touch of chic or with a gown to really look like a glamour queen.






Hope you guys like this post!Smile




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  1. Oh, those are cute pieces..

  2. Adorable! They look really amazing! x

  3. Love the drop pendant – very pretty & who can resist sparkles! ;)

  4. Rushda Behardien :

    I love all these! I think statement necklaces are an investment.

    Love this post.


  5. Very pretty. Love the bib and drop necklace.

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