Some Eye Catching Pieces at the NYFW Spring 2013 Shows

Some Eye Catching Pieces at the NYFW Spring 2013 Shows

When looking at pictures of the NYFW fashion week shows, it just seems like there are so many cool, interesting, and/or pretty things on show that it can be overwhelming to look at.  So when an item really catches your eye amongst the hundreds, if not thousands of items on show, you know that it must be noteworthy!  Here are some of the pieces that caught my eye when browsing through the NYFW Spring 2013 picturesSmile.


How HOT are these Altazzura sandals?! If I could just have these on my legs for a day….. or two… or three… Ahh I just WANT them!

I am a glasses/contact wearer so I am always on the lookout for those perfect specs and I’m not sure if it’s because this model is gorgeous, but these Altazurra glasses seem to have that sexy librarian thing going on! I also love the sparkles which gives its cat eye frame unique prettiness. 

This Micheal Kors trench coat style dress has such a classy but sexy look to it while the metallic oversized belt buckle gives it a bit of edge!

I’m a huge fan of Micheal Kors purses and the minimalist looks, so naturally this purse speaks to me … love the elegant simple sleek design!

The design of these Jason Wu pants look like they could be flattering on any one … The black in the middle with the nude lace print on the outside seems like it would be slimming but curve enhancing (in the right places of course!) all at the same time!

How cool are these Jason Wu ‘sandals meet running shoes’!

I also love this Jason Wu purse … But if I could actually get one I would have no idea which colour to chose cause I like all of them!

There’s something about this knitted Jason Wu summer dress that really appealed to me as an easy and cute spring outfit.

I love the structure yet ‘flirtyness’ in these Victoria Beckam skirts!



This Diane Von Furstenburg dress screams perfect summer maxi dress to me!  And I LOVE the metal belt adding a touch of edginess to the otherwise flirty look!

Oh and don’t forget the chain ankle bracelets adding a slight touch of rocker chic! image

The whole Diane Von Furstenburg collection wowed me and stood out to me as inspiration we could use during Spring/Summer here in South Africa now, so the below pictures are the looks that I liked the best:

How FUN are these sunglasses!!image

This dress reminds me of a mermaid coming out of the sea!

Love this bag!!image

These clutches are just so unique and adorable!image


These Zac Posen dresses seem to be inspired by ballerina tutus … They would be perfect to wear to a summer wedding.

What can be more sexy then a classic red body con dress like this one from Zac Posen… Inspired by Jessica Rabbit maybe?! All it needs is a thigh high slit!

And this Zac Posen gown seems to have come from the closet of a fairy tale princess!  I think it’s absolutely stunning! Perfect inspiration for a wedding dress … Future brides take note!

Another gorgeous maxi dress for summer … this one is by Rodarte.

These Marc by Marc Jacobs purses are so cool! They seem to have a clear front so you can mix and match whichever Marc by Marc Jacobs wallets with them to give them your own unique look! The only problem is all the colours are so  fun and  perfect for summer, how would you choose!image




Here Oscar De La Renta took a turn from colour blocking, instead he matched each piece of the outfit from head to toe in bright summery colours!

I thought it was really cool how Oscar De La Renta paired a black earing with a white earing to match a black and white outfit!


Party girl! That’s what Oscar D La Renta Dress seems to scream!

These Anna Sui pumps with hearts on the ankle straps are so femininely sweet!




Phew.. it was really hard to narrow it down to so few items but these are some of the most unique and/or prettiest pieces I noticed.


Were there any items or looks that caught your eye when browsing the NYFW Spring 2012 shows? Are there any looks that inspire you to recreate or emulate now? Let us know in the comments below so we can all be inspired.Smile


Hope you guys liked this post!Smile



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