80’s Hair ‘Tossed to The Side’ Look is Back! And here’s How to wear it Now:)

80’s Hair ‘Tossed to The Side’ Look is Back! And here’s How to wear it Now:)

Do you guys remember the days … way back in the 80’s … when you could just flip your hair to the side and voila; you had the coolest hairstyle ever!  I guess it actually depends on how old you are, but I totally do! (And I’m totally aging myself here!). As soon as my hair was long enough to, (and my mother let me wear my hair down), I was wearing my hair this way. (Making it possibly the first trending hairstyle I ever wore!) Well guess what! You know how they say fashion repeats itself? … It seems to be backSmile


A bunch of celebs have been seen wearing this style recently and I think it’s such a feminine and pretty look.  But before I show you how it’s being worn now … let me take you back and show you pictures of celebs wearing it back then Smile:


Lei Italia, 1988Photographer : Herb RittsModel : Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford on the cover of Lei Italia 1988

Julia Roberts Pretty Woman Photoshoot

Julia Roberts in a promotional shoot for Pretty Woman

And remember ‘Kelly’ from Saved by The Bell? (Tiffany Amber Theison)

Did that bring back any memories?  Do you still look at their hair and think they look pretty?  This is one of the very few 80’s hairstyles that I actually do feel that way about, and seeing the below pictures only make those feelings stronger.

So that was then and this is nowSmile:

Model Victoria Lee by Max Abadian for Glamour UK


Eva Mendez street style


Actress Amber Heard at a party for Quest Love


Kristen Stewart in Allure.com


Kate Bosworth in Allure.com

When worn with waves or curls, it’s done a bit softer now with ‘beachy’ waves rather then the scrunched up 80’s curls.  Also, although the look should have volume, it does not have quite as much volumes as the look in the 80’s.

To get this look now:

  • If you want to wear it straight:  1) Blow dry your hair upside down using a wide barrel brush to give your hair volume and to straighten it if necessary. 2) If you still need a boost of volume tease your hair at the roots until you have the right amount of volume. (To see more information on how to tease hair and build volume, click here). 3) Simply flip the front section of your hair to one side creating a deep side part but do it with your fingers instead of a comb (This will keep it slightly messy/dis-shelved looking)
  • If you want to wear it wavy or curly: 1) Create your waves or curls as you normally would.  Then do the same as steps 2) and 3) above.

*Remember, in order to keep it looking on trend and NOT like you never left the 80’s, make sure your hair doesn’t have too much volume and keep the wave/curls soft looking.

What do you guys think … Is it a pretty style to wear now?  Will you guys wear this style or are any of you guys already wearing it?  Are there any other tips you can give to perfect this style now?  Please share in the comments below so we can all be inspiredSmile

Hope you guys liked this post!

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(Featured Picture by Tim Zaragoza and sourced from www.fashiongonerogue.com)
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    • http://www.flutterandpout.com/ Safiya Bhabha

      Hehehe:) Good point! … Unless we go full a la 80’s and pile on the hairspray … But somehow I don’t think that will give us the effect we’re going for here;) …. Hehehe … Ah well … Guess we’ll just have to wait till the wind dies down! Lol:)

  • Danie Messeli

    Love it! Can’t wait to try it!