My ‘Frizz Fighting Must Haves’ and How I keep my Frizz Prone Hair Frizz Free!

My ‘Frizz Fighting Must Haves’ and How I keep my Frizz Prone Hair Frizz Free!

For anyone who has frizz prone hair, going out on a rainy day can be a dreadful event!  Unfortunately, I’m one of those people; water and my hair are not friends! The worst are the days when you’re out, doing your thing and the weather seems fine so you didn’t bring an umbrella (or maybe you just forgot it at home like I did today) … Then suddenly the clouds start closing in on the beautiful blue sky and you hear it … the heavy ‘pitter patter’ of rain!  Now you have to figure out how you’re going to get from the place you are at, to you’re car, while keeping any rain that touches your hair to an absolute minimum! ( This is necessary to prevent from ending up with something very big and kind of crazy looking on the top of your head.)  At this point some sort of sprint will be done, heels or no heels! If this description rings a bell in any way then you are in the right place.Smile


Since i did ‘the sprint’ described above earlier today (thankfully not in heels this time) and this is a recurring issue during the winter in Cape Town; I thought I would share some of my ‘frizz fighting must haves’ and how I keep my majorly frizz prone hair under control in these winter monthsSmile

First of all, it’s important to note that frizz is the result of dry hair either as a result of damage or because your hair is like that naturally (mine is probably a mix of both).  What this means is that in order to keep it under control, we must attack the frizz by providing the hair with lots of moisture and avoid stripping it of any moisture. So below are the products I use to achieve this goal, followed by some tips that help as well. Smile

Frizz Fighting Must Have #1 – Prevention: So first I ‘attack’ the frizz in the shower where it all starts by using John Frieda’s Smooth Start Frizz Ease Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner.

These have been my ‘go to’ shampoo and conditioner for years! I’ve tried switching to other shampoos and conditioners many times but I always find myself coming back to these ones.  I love the conditioner because it is super hydrating but it doesn’t weigh the hair down which is something that I find a lot of highly moisturizing/hydrating conditioners tend to do.  This is important to me because, although I want sleek hair, I still want volume and bounce.  I like the shampoo because it doesn’t strip the hair and it compliments the conditioner  well.  It is also safe for colour treated hair, so I haven’t really had any problems with my hair colour fading. I sometimes use the conditioner with other shampoos (if I run out of this one), but I find that I get the best results when I use both together.  I also just recently learned that one of the key ingredients in both of the products is Olive Oil, which is probably why they work so well!

Frizz Fighting Must Have #2 – Elimination: The next product I use is Moroccan Oil.

I love this product so much that I will never let myself run out of it! I’ve lived in two different countries where I couldn’t find it so I made sure I stocked up when I was in countries where I could find it! Thankfully it is available in South Africa, so I won’t have to worry about stocking up on it anymoreSmile  As far as I’m aware, it’s currently only sold at salons so its a bit pricy but one bottle goes a long way (a large bottle usually lasts about eight to ten months for me and I have long hair). The reason I love Moroccan Oil so much is because it acts as a leave in conditioner and completely replenishes the moisture in your hair, totally eliminating the frizz!   It also does this without weighing my hair down like so many other leave in conditioners and frizz eliminating products do.  Likewise, even though it’s an oil, it never leaves my hair looking oily because it immediately absorbs into the hair.  I use it while my hair is still wet and if necessary, when my hair is drying or dry (so if I see any unwanted frizz happening, I just touch it up with a little Moroccan Oil).  It works so well for me that I can actually go without blow drying my hair to leave my hair wavy and I won’t need any gel or other products to smooth it out!  And that is why I like to think of Moroccan Oil as my ‘magic frizz fighting potion. Smile

Frizz Fighting Must Have #3 – Maintenance: Finally to finish off I use Biosilk  Silk Therapy

Therapy Treatment - Cure Soyeuse, 12 oz image

This product seems to be a classic in the beauty world and it’s another product that I’ve been using for years.  It serves as a multi purpose product and I use it for the following benefits: 1) It adds an extra layer of protection from heat styling and from the elements (ie. it helps maintain frizz free hair on rainy/humid days so I use it even when I’m not heat styling). 2) It works great to tame fly-aways and seal cuticles when used on dry hair (this also helps it to mend split ends). And 3) It makes hair feel incredibly soft and gives it a gorgeous healthy shine. From this list of benefits I’m sure you can already see why this is one of my ‘must have’ products! By now you can probably also tell that I really don’t like products that weigh down my hair, and this is another product that fits that criteria! It keeps my hair weightless and gives it a healthy shine without looking oily or causing build-up.  Like Moroccon Oil, Biosilk can be on the pricey side but it also seems to last forever … On my long hair I usually use just a coin sized amount on my full head when it’s wet, and/or less than that on only the ends of my hair when it is dry or almost dry.  Using it this way the bottle usually lasts me well over a year!


Other ‘Frizz Fighting’ Tips Smile:

  • If you have naturally dry and/or damaged hair (which is probably the case if you have frizz prone hair) you should not wash your hair everyday. The purpose of washing your hair is to remove any excess oil from it. Our scalp produces oils to naturally provide moisture for our hair. However if you have dry/damaged hair,your scalp is either not producing enough oil for your hair or your hair needs a bit more of the natural oils than your scalp can produce in a day or two in order to stay nourished. Thus, if you wash it too frequently you are actually stripping the needed oils from your hair, NOT the excess oils. Make sense? Instead try to wash your hair every 2-3 days. If you need to wash it in between those days, skip the shampoo and use your conditioner only. That will be enough to cleanse the hair without stripping your natural oils from it.
  • When rinsing your conditioner out, try to finish with a spritz of cold water (if you can bear it! … I can’t seem to do it in winter but I do this in the summer!). The cold water helps to lock in the moisture.
  • After washing your hair, gently squeeze the the excess water out of your hair with your hands; do this without twisting or ringing it which can cause breakage. NEVER towel dry your hair if you have frizz prone hair. Towel drying it will just cause more breakage and harm to the cuticles which will make the frizz worse.
  • When blow drying your hair, finish each section with a puff of cold air, that will also help to lock the moisture in.

Those are my tried and tested tips and tricks to frizz free hair, and with my majorly frizz prone hair; if it works for me it will probably work for you!Smile


Hope you guys liked this post and hope these tips are helpful to you.Smile


Are there any other products or tips that you can give us to ‘fight’ frizz prone hair?  Do you guys currently use any of these products and/or tips?  If so, how do they work for you? Please share with us in the comments below so we can all be inspiredSmile


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