How to Add Volume to Hair in Less than 5 Minutes When you Don’t Have Time to Wash It!

How to Add Volume to Hair in Less than 5 Minutes When you Don’t Have Time to Wash It!

Do you ever have those days when you just do not have time to wash your hair, but it looks limp, flat and kind of oily?  Well I was having one of those days today!  Since I was not in the mood to tie it in a ponytail or do any other kind of updo,  I decided to quickly do this little trick that only takes a few minutes but helps to ‘restore’ the volume and refresh your ‘do’.  I then thought it would be great to share it with you guys, so here you goSmile


So as you can see in my Before Image below, my hair was extremely flat and shapeless … Not flattering at all!  There was also a shine factor and it was not the kind saying ‘Look my hair is so soft it shines!’, it was more like ‘I need to wash my hair ASAP!’.  Since I didn’t have the time to wash and blow dry my hair, here’s what I did and it only took about 5 minutes! (Maybe even less!)

Adding volume to hair 2

First, you need to get the excess oil out of your hair.  The excess oil is weighing your hair down, and removing it will automatically make your hair lighter and restore some of your volume. To do this:

  • You can use a dry shampoo if you have one.  If you don’t … Don’t  fret! You can also use baby powder or cornstarch to do the trick.  Apparently cornstarch works the best, but I had baby powder handy so that’s what I used.  All three of the afore mentioned will absorb the  moisture/oil from your hair.
  • Apply which ever product you decide to use only to the top of your head (like I did in Image 1), that’s where the oil build up starts and applying it all over your hair could make your hair too dry.
  • After applying it to the top of your head, brush the powder out of your hair (This will make sure you don’t look like you have a majorly severe case of dandruff … or you just got snowed on?! 😉 ). To do this use a paddle brush or your regular hair brush (like I did in Image 2).  Start from the roots and work your way down.  This will not only remove the white stuff from your hair, it will also absorb any excess oil from the rest of your hair.

Next, you need to tease your hair. This is where you will really be adding the volume.

  • To tease my hair, I used the brush in the picture below. It’s one of those fold up travel brushes, but it has short bristles and it’s narrow making it perfect for teasing. If you have something like it, great, use it. If not, a normal thin toothed comb will work fine too.

Teasing brush

  • To tease your hair, start at the crown of your head, lift a section of the top layer of your hair and place the brush about 10cm from the roots of your hair, then brush downwards towards the roots. (Like I was doing in Image 3). Do this repeatedly until you see some volume build up.  Make sure to do this gently and only enough to give you the volume you need. (Too much teasing can cause breakage and you don’t want a lot of breakage close to your roots). Also never move the brush in an up and down motion; this can also cause extra unwanted breakage. 
  • Continue teasing sections from the top layer of your hair, until you’ve worked your way to the front of your head on both sides of your head. (Like I did in Images 4,5 and 6)
  • You will end up with a head full of volume, that will look a little too textured and stiff at the roots (Like mine in Image 7 … please excuse my ‘duck-face’ in this picture … I know I make some odd faces when I’m doing my hair!)

Finally, you will need to take your comb or brush and gently smooth out the top layer of your hair by combing through it (Like I did in Image 8).  I said ‘combing’ through it, because that is what you will want to do … Do not brush it; that will reverse all the teasing work you just did. Also, only comb the very top layer of the layer that you teased.  This will give your hair a smooth look, but keep the volume you created from the teasing. (Like mine in my After ImageSmile)

As you can see in my After Image; my hair doesn’t look flat anymore, it has it’s shape back, and it looks soft and smooth, without the ugly shiny oily look! Just like it would if I spent a lot more time washing and blow drying it!  I didn’t create mega volume in my hair because I wasn’t going for that type of look, but you can if you want to by just teasing it more than I did. I know the explanation for this post looks long … but it really takes less than 5 minutes to do.  This trick is a life saver for me so hope it helps you guys if/when you need that extra oomph on your unwashed hair too!

Bonus Tip!: (I just remembered to add this!) When your hair is oily, it’s better to use a brush with plastic or synthetic hair bristles instead of metal bristles; the metal will just spread and distribute the oils to the rest of your hair, making it worse.


Do you guys have any tips or tricks to add volume to your hair, or to help you skip a day of washing?  Have any of you tried these tricks before? Do you plan on trying it? What do you prefer to use get a clean look when your hair needs it; dry shampoo, baby powder, cornstarch, or something else?) Share with us in the comments below so we can all be inspiredSmile


Hope you guys like this post!Smile


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