My Most Popular Posts of 2012

My Most Popular Posts of 2012

Just a little blog post to thank my readers and share my most popular blog posts of 2012 with you guys! 🙂

First of all I would like to say that I hope everyone had amazing holidays and an amazing new year! I haven’t blogged in a while because as some of you may know, I am visiting my home city Toronto, Canada where I have been extremely busy catching up with old friends and family, shopping (Which is a whole other blog post!Smile ), taking in the sights and sounds that I often miss while I’m away, and loving every moment of it!

Although my holidays are not over yet, I have been missing blogging and all the interacting with my readers that goes along with it! I am also extremely thankful the for the amazing results I’ve had during the first six months of my blog in 2012 and would like to say thank you to all my readers!!! I really appreciate every time you click on my links, comment on my blog and share my posts!!Smile I hope I can continue to inspire, inform and entertain you during 2013!!Smile

In the meantime, I thought this would be a good time to share my most popular blog posts of 2012 … If you haven’t read them yet, hope you enjoy them!Smile



6 Useful Ways To Use White Eyeliner in Your Beauty Routines

1) I love beauty products that multitask and white eyeliner is surprisingly very multifunctional! So here are 6 Useful Ways To Use White Eyeliner in Your Beauty Routines that I personally find very helpful!Smile



Fall/Winter 2012 Makeup Trends to try in South Africa Now!

2) Since winter is still going strong in the Northern Hemisphere, here are 6 of 2012’s Fall/Winter Makeup Trends that are also still going strong! … I still love them all!



From Vintage Inspired to ‘Wind Swept’ Hair … Some of Fall/Winter 2012′s Hottest Hair Trends to wear in South Africa Now!

3) On the same note here are 5 of 2012’s hottest winter hair trends that are actually great inspiration for those ‘hair-days’ when you really need it … whether it’s winter or not!Smile



How To Get Loose Waves in One Easy Step While You Blow Dry Your Hair

4) When it comes to my beauty routines, I like to keep things as simple as possible while keeping things as ‘glam’ as possible! So as much as I love big loose waves, I don’t like having to go through all the different steps to get it …  My solution is this technique! Smile: How To Get Loose Waves in One Easy Step While You Blow Dry Your Hair



One of the Hottest Makeup Trends of 2012 : Winged Eyeliner!

5) This was by far the hottest makeup trend of 2012 and is not going anywhere anytime soon! Here are a bunch of tips and inspiration to get the perfect Winged Eyeliner look.






Hope you guys like this post!Smile



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  • Deslé McConney

    Have a wonderful time in Canada. Looking forward to more awesome beauty posts from your blog;-)

    • Safiya B

      Thank you so much Desle!!!:)

    • Safiya Bhabha

      Thank you so much Desle!!!:) I did have an awesome time and just got back to CT so hopefully I will have some new posts up soon!:)

  • Glitter Mama

    having a look at all your posts. Great work xx

    • Safiya B

      Thank you so much!!! Hope u enjoyed them!!:)

    • Safiya Bhabha

      Thank you so much!!!:) Hope you enjoyed them!!:) Xo!!