Ombre Hair Is Here to Stay! … And I Revamped Mine :)

Ombre Hair Is Here to Stay! … And I Revamped Mine :)

What started out as a trend that everybody thought would soon turn into a fad doesn’t seem to be going anywhere! … I think people love the Ombre look because, besides being very low maintenance, it allows people to play with colours while keeping the colour that’s most flattering for your complexion near your face! Although Ombre started out as a trend around two years ago, it is now starting to be seen as a more mainstream look as regular women all over the world (not just celebrities and trend setters) are embracing the look.  According to Yahoo News “2013 is the year the ‘Ombre Hair Trend’ will become the definitive look, as more and more women try Decolour Ombre kits at home”. Personally, I am thrilled about this as I started out with a subtle Ombre look last year and I am no where close to wanting to retire the trend!Smile

If you saw my previous post about my original move to my subtle Ombre look, you would know that I actually wanted it to be less subtle but didn’t want to go too light at once because of the damage factor that the bleaching can cause to the ends of the hair.  So when I was back home in Canada recently, I decided to finally make my Ombre less subtle … And this is the result! Smile




One of the things my hairdresser who I’ve been going to for over 10 years and I absolutely love told me (you can check out her facebook page here if you live in Toronto.Smile) is that since the look has been around for a while and is more mainstream now, hair stylists are more likely to have perfected their technique … which means … better results for those of us who prefer to have it done at a salon!Smile



Hope you guys like this post!Smile


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  • Ana Azevedo

    love your hair…i want mine to be like yours, its perfect 🙂

    • Safiya B

      That’s so sweet!!!:D … Thank you!!!!:D The best thing to do is take pictures of how you want it to look to the hairdresser … That always works for me!!:) Xo!!:)

    • Safiya B

      Thank you so much!!!:) That is so sweet of you!!!:) It always helps to take a picture of the hairstyle you want to the hairdresser … That’s what helps me out most of the time!:) Xo!!:)

    • Safiya Bhabha

      Thank you so much!!!:D That is so sweet of you!!!:D It helps to take a picture of how you want it to look to the hairdresser:) … That always helps me out:) Xo!:)

  • zaamissbowtie

    it really looks amazing on you 🙂

    • Safiya Bhabha

      Thank you!!!:) Xo!:)

  • kanchana

    have long dark hair and want to go ombre too . But I’m worried about going blonde because im not super fair .. Medium skin tone .. So i dont know if it l suit me 🙁

    could U perhaps suggest a good dark colour ? i really like the colour on yours .. 🙂

  • Giia

    Your ombre hair is super-gorgeous!!!!