From Vintage Inspired to ‘Wind Swept’ Hair … Some of Fall/Winter 2012’s Hottest Hair Trends to wear in South Africa Now!

From Vintage Inspired to ‘Wind Swept’ Hair … Some of Fall/Winter 2012’s Hottest Hair Trends to wear in South Africa Now!

I find the 2012 Fall/Winter hair trends to be so much fun! There are a lot of new and diverse trends that are truly different than what we’ve been seeing in the last few seasons … and since they work perfectly with all the Fall/Winter fashion trends that we can sport in South Africa now, we can already work them in with our daily outfits 🙂 So here’s a list of  some of the most seen and hottest hair trends of season to inspire us all 🙂

1) Straight, Smooth, Sleek Hair – After many seasons of seeing ‘Kim K’ waves, beach waves, and just lots and lots of waves, we can finally put our curling irons away cause straight hair is back. The trend is being worn with hair loose and flowing, or in sleek and smooth ponytails. With hair either air dried naturally (for those of you who have naturally straight hair) or with a straightening iron for a more polished sleek look.

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2) Teased, Teased and more Teased! 60’s inspired hair with volume and lots of it is one of the most popular hair trends for F/W 2012 and is personally one of my favorites! Unlike the poufs that were trending seasons back the teasing that is happening now is on the crown of the head for a more retro look. It can be worn loose, with a slim headband, or as a more vintage look: a ‘boufant’ (what was once known as a beehive). The bouffant option is great for formal or evening wear but can also be done for daytime with a messier, relaxed look. To achieve this look you will need to master the art of backcombing. Here is a great video tutorial by DulceCandy87 showing us how to get the ‘bump’ 🙂

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3) Braids/Plaits Weaved into Hairstyles Braids and plaits have proven that they are here to stay! Except this season they have been seen woven through other hairstyles, whether having one loose braid hanging through your loose hair, or using braids to make your bun. This is a trend you can definitely be creative with, just start braiding and see where it takes you! 🙂




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4) Full, Blunt FringeIf you are looking for a haircut that will make your eyes pop, then this is the trend for you. Full, Blunt fringes cut straight across, is the most popular haircut of the season.


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5) ‘Wind Swept’ HairOne of the newest and most unique hair trends of the season; this style makes your hair look like it’s actually being blown by the wind. To get this dis-shelved look you would need to use a great texturizing gel and maybe some hairspray. It’s a great daytime look, and would work well with a short bob cut or layered hair in a bun. As you can see below, it’s surprisingly appealing and a great ‘no fuss’ type of look.


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So … What do guys think? Do you guys like the hair trends this Winter? Which are your favorites? Are there any that you are currently sporting or have tried? Let us know in the comments below so we can all be inspired 🙂


As for me … I personally love volume, so naturally the ‘boufant’ look is one of my favourites! I also love braids and I can never get enough of them so the braided looks are a YES for me! And straight hair is always my ‘go to’ look in winter since it’s too cold to not blow dry and on most days I don’t have time to do waves … so thankfully I’ll be on trend this winter!:)


Hope you guys liked this post! 🙂


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