Found a Super Easy To Use Liquid Eyeliner at the Drugstore!

Found a Super Easy To Use Liquid Eyeliner at the Drugstore!

I have to admit I tend to favour higher end beauty products, and I often bypass drugstore products even though I know there can be a lot of great potential in them.  I’m also the type of person that when I find a product that I like I tend to stick to it, and for my eyeliner that product is (or possibly ‘was’) Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner.  I also tend to prefer gel eyeliner over liquid eyeliner for doing intense eyeliner looks because they are easier to control than liquid eyeliners.  However, when I was at Dis-Chem yesterday the Essence Eye Liner Pen caught my eye and for only R34.95, I thought there would be no harm in giving it a try.



What I like about it most is that it’s shaped like a felt tip pen rather than a brush dipped into a pot of liquid. This makes it much easier to control because it allows you to hold it like a pen just like you would a pencil eyeliner. There are a few different eyeliner pens out there so the Essence one is not the first one I’ve seen, but the price makes it a great one to try if you don’t usually use liquid eyeliner.



Some of the other things I liked about it:

The felt tip is not too long (as you can see in the picture above).  This allows you to hold the pen closer to the tip, making it easier to control.

The felt tip is not too thin which makes it more sturdy giving it another bonus for control.  This may be a negative if you want to use it to draw a very thin line, however to me its not an issue because I use liquid eyeliner when I want an intense look so a thicker line is perfect.  When I want a less noticeable thin line, I use pencil eyeliner.

– According to the packaging, it claims to be extra long lasting.  I wore it for about 6 hours, and it didn’t budge or fade, which I thought was awesome enough for a product at such a low price point.  However, I’m not sure how it would stand up if you were wearing it for an entire day since I haven’t tried that yet.

– As for smudging; if you look at the picture below, the left swatch on my hand is what happened after I drew a line and then immediately rubbed my finger across it.  The swatch on the right is what it looked like when I drew a line on my hand and left it for about a minute before rubbing my finger across it.  As you can see, it will smudge if you don’t let it dry (which I think is normal for a liquid eyeliner) but once it’s dry it stays put and didn’t move at all!


– By looking at the swatch on the right, you can also see that it has a nice rich pigment so it goes on quite dark which was one of the things that sold me on it in the store.

One of the things I didn’t like about it:

When using it at home I noticed it’s really easy to accidentally not close the lid properly which could cause it to dry out quickly, so you have too make sure that the lid snaps tight when you close it.


How I used it:

Because of the great control and the rich dark colour you get from it, it’s an awesome eyeliner to use for an evening ‘Winged Eyeliner Look’. I wore this look yesterday on a dinner date with the hubby.  I actually liked using the Essence Eye Liner Pen for this look a teeny bit more than my Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner! It was more pigmented so I just had to apply one layer which is never the case with my Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner.  You can see how I used it in the pictures below.Smile




For tips and tricks to get the ‘winged eyeliner’ look, you can click hereSmile


To Summarize it allSmile:

The Benefits: 

– Very affordable

– Very easy to control

– Rich pigmentation/Goes on dark

– Doesn’t smudge once dried

The Negatives:

– Cap doesn’t snap closed easily (so it can dry out the product if its not closed properly)

– You have to let it dry for about 30 seconds or else it will smudge

– Can not draw very thin lines with it

Best to use it for:

The ‘Winged Eyeliner’ look or any look which requires more precision.

Evening looks, for which you would want rich colour.



I think its an awesome buy for R34.95, and a great overall liquid eyeliner. I love it for the ‘Winged Eyeliner’ look which I’m really into right now but I don’t think it will completely replace my Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner which I can still use for more subtle looks. I think its a brainless purchase that you can’t really go wrong with, so I will definitely buy it again!


Have any of you tried the Essence Eye Liner Pen before? If so are there things that you like/dislike about it? Are there any great Liquid eyeliners that you can recommend? Please share in the comments below so we can all be inspiredSmile


Hope You guys liked this postSmile


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  • Princessnoo

    Great post – loving your blog 🙂 xx

    • Safiya Bhabha

      Thanks!!:) … You just made my day!!:) .. Xo!

  • Tweetheart

    Love Essence products and they are very affordable. They have a pen with a longer and thinner tip if you want to draw thin lines. Divaderme’s black. Liquid eyeliner is also lovely but not as cheap.

    • Safiya Bhabha

      That’s good to know!:) I like that this tip is not too thin because it makes sturdy which makes it easy to control, but it’s also always great to have one that has a thinner tip for when you want to create very thin lines:) Thanks for stopping by!:) Xo!